The most personal communications coaching possible without being there in person

First, we immerse you into a rehearsal with a virtual audience. Then you get private personal coaching any time, anywhere

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Time zones and schedules no longer matter

The best way to improve communications skills is to practice with an audience. Evrpresent let's you do it without leaving home.

Backed by neuroscience.

Studies have shown that rehearsing in front of a virtual audience helps elicit stage fright. We curate custom audience experiences that brings public intensity to private training, deepening learning.

What's Inside?

and how does it work?

Simple Setup

All you need is a webcam, mic, and wifi to use evrpresent. Less meetings, travel and phone calls. Invite and organize participants into groups with just a few clicks.

Immsersive Training

Reach your communication goals using simulated environments that mimic the real world. From the board room to the big stage, evrpresent will take you there.

Wisdom from a distance

Evrpresent provides secure access to your client's rehearsals, allowing you to provide written or recorded feedback instantly. Now you can conveniently monitor and manage the progress of your clients.

Real Impact.

"My client got to rehearse as if she was on stage... but she was at home."

"I provided personal feedback to my client while she was asleep, 7 time zones away."

"I helped a 300 person sales team tell a consistet story, and their staff barely lifted a finger."

"My client gets to speak to their toughest customer, but erase it and try again."

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